Thursday, 13 March 2014

Consultation during March Holidays

During the holidays, you may go through the following channels if you need to clarify areas that you are not sure (as you do your homework/ revision):
  • Email 
    • Remember to include the question in the email.
    • Attempt the question first before you say "do not know how to do". Then take a photo of the working and write down which part you are not sure. Email the photo to me.
    • If you do not understand the question, or do not know how to start solving the problem, include the question (either type it or take a photo) and tell me which part of the question you are not sure.
    • Note: When sending email, remember to address the email to me; and sign off with your name and class.
  • Google Hangout (text)/ Talk
  • Face-to-Face session
    • I'll be in school from Monday to Thursday; however, will be conducting support programme or running other programmes or attending workshop.
    • Therefore, you should make an appointment (at least a day before, via email) with me to ensure that I have time set aside to meet and discuss the work with you.

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