Friday, 14 March 2014

March Holidays Homework

(A) Written Work
2 sets of written homework were issued on Thursday (13 March 2014).

  • Algebra - GCE "O" level questions (2 pages, short questions) 
    • Deadline: Term 2 Week 1 (28 March 2014, Friday)
  • Algebra - Quiz 1 & Quiz 2 (6 pages, multiple choice questions) - printed on hardcopies, to be marked via AceLearning
    • Deadline: March Holidays (21 March 2014, Friday)
    • Attempt the questions before keying in the answers into the AceLearning Portal that will auto-mark their answers. This is to be completed by next Friday (21 March)
(B) Flipped Classroom Learning
Videos on Algebra - Factorisation, will be posted in the Maths Blog by Monday (18 March 2014). This touches on the "Cross method/ Shoe-laced method" that we will be learning in Term 2 Week 1. 
Some reading materials from the AceLearning will also be assigned to you for reading/ preliminary practice.

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