Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Enquiry (6) from one of you - Real Numbers: Fractions Manipulation

"Evaluate" means find the final value of the expression given.
In this case, we are to find the final answer of the fraction given.

Usually, we can use the calculator to compute the answer; it's quite rare that we need to work out all the steps (as shown below).

However, once in a while, we might be asked to shown the working so that we can observe some 'patterns', to be applied to other parts of the question.

Take note the working on the right.

  • Do not skip step, rewrite the "complex" fraction to what's shown (with the divide sign in-between).
  • Then "convert" the divide sign to multiplication sign; hence we have the reciprocal of the fraction (which is after the "multiplication" sign now)

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