Saturday, 10 May 2014

Self-Directed Learning (T2W8 to June Holiday): Percentages

Dear S1-04

The following were issued to all on Thursday (8 May):
  • Study Notes: Percentages
  • Question paper - Homework: Percentages
We are going to adopt the self-directed learning approach for this topic:
  • You will go through the study notes on your own
  • You are strongly encouraged to go through all the pages and activities in the Study Notes
  • You may refer to additional resources in the AceLearning Portal and the textbook; some relevant materials will also be posted in the Maths blog for reference
  • Pace your learning
  • If you need help/ clarification in the topic, you may contact Ms Loh via email/ GChat, etc.
For the Homework:
  • Attempt all questions
  • Do all questions on writing papers
  • Need not copy questions; however, you need to label the questions and parts clearly
  • Show are working clearly
For Submission:
  • Term 3, 1st Maths lesson
  • Staple Question paper (on top) and writing papers (below) together

Summative Assessment on Percentages

  • A summative assessment on Percentages will be administered in Term 1 Week 1.
  • This will surface the students who would be involved in the Remedial programme in Term 3 Week 2

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