Friday, 4 July 2014

(Homework) (A) Linear Graphs (conclusion) (B) Data Handling (introduction)

Dear S1-04

There are 5 pieces of tasks to be completed in the next couple of days before we meet again on next Tuesday.

(A) Linear Graphs
1. Complete Homework 8C - plotting of graphs
This serves as a practice in preparation of the Summative Assessment that will take place next week.

2. Attempt the discussion questions (study notes, p30) in the blog posts - as Comments (remember to key in your group number:

(B) Data Handling
1. Complete the Flipped Lesson activity (in the previous post)

2. Go through p6 and p7 of the Study Notes and attempt those questions.
Be prepared for discussions - in particular,
  • the difference between bar Graph & Histogram
  • how to read a frequency table
3. Attempt the Activity: S1 (2014) Statistics Around Us in the GoogleSite > Maths
Click HERE for the direct link.
You will enter your responses into the GoogleForm at the end of the page.
Alternatively, you can also click HERE to access the form.

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