Viva Voce Practice 1

Posted by Ms Choo on 26 January 2014

Viva Voce Practice

This is a practice of the upcoming performance task (in Term 1 Week 7).

We are going to do this Practice as a Homework so that you have an idea how the 
assessment is going be like, at the same time to iron out any potential technical 
issues that you would come across. Based on feedback from your seniors, this 
practice is going to be very helpful in preparing you for the performance task.

The task is compulsory, and you are to submit your work via the GoogleForm at the
end of this page.

Topic: Primes, Highest Common Factor (HCF), Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)

Objective of Task: 
To demonstrate your understanding of the concepts through clear articulation 
on your approach to solve a problem.

Instructions (I):
  • This is an individual task. You are to complete the viva voce practice on your own.
  • This is a reinforcement of similar questions based on the topic covered in class.
  • It will also help you to seek and articulate your understanding of concepts as you                          attempt to explain your approach and solution to the problem.
  • You should not take more than 1 hour to complete the entire task.
For this practice, you will need to record your work and post it in the YouTube.

Instructions (II):
  • Choose ONE question 
    • Six questions are presented below. Read through carefully. 
    • Identify a question that you think is challenging but manageable. 
    • Do not go for the easiest question.
  • Plan 
    • Work out the solution on a piece of paper and think through how you would               explain the solution. 
    • Explaining your solution does not mean simply read out the lines of the                   working, but to inform the audience how you identify the key information,            the why you choose a particular method to solve the problem, and          explain how the method works (e.g. begin the repeated division using the           smallest prime number because...)
  • Recording
    • In this practice, learn to use QuickTime Player to record your viva voice. 
    • Here are some ways that you can present your worked solution:
      • You may sit in front of the computer and show the working (on papers)          as you explain how you solve or problem using the "movie recording"     feature in QuickTime Player.
        • Click HERE to view sample
      • You may present your work in KeyNotePages, PowerPoint          Presentation, etc and use the "screen recording" feature in QuickTime     Player to do the video recording.
        • Click HERE to view sample
      • You may also use explain the problem on a whiteboard and have your classmates to help record using a camera or any other methods that you could think of
    • Remember to keep the file size small.
    • For technical consultation, please approach your ICT Teacher.
  • Submission of work
    • Post your video clip in YouTube
      • Under "Private Settings", select "Unlisted"
      • Copy and paste the URL in the GoogleForm below
    • For students who are unable to activate the YouTube account (due to age limit,                as you need to activate your Google+ account at the same time), you may                 seek help from your Parents to upload your work via their YouTube account.

Deadline: 4 February 2014, 2359h

Source of questions: New Syllabus Mathematics Workbook (7th Edition) Shing Lee  
(7th edition. 2013)
In an event there is an discrepancy of figures (between what's in this blog and in the workbook), 
always use the figures in the workbook.

Question 1: (p5, Q22)
Canteen A, canteen B and canteen C repeat their lunch menus every 12 days, 8 days and
10 days respectively. All three canteens serve noodle soup today. How many days later will
all the three canteens serving noodle soup again?

Question 2: (p6, Q23)
Jun Wei has a paper box with a length of 8 m, a breadth of 12 m and a height of 16 m.
(a) He is thinking of packing small cubes into the box. If each small cube is of length 2 m,
what is the number of small cubes that he is able to pack into the box?
(b) On the other hand, he may cut the paper box into small cubes. Find the least number
of cubes that he can cut from the box.

Question 3: (p6, Q24)
Lixin has three ribbons of lengths 160 cm, 192 cm and 240 cm respectively. She wishes to
cut all the ribbons into equal number of pieces without any leftover ribbons. Find
(i) the largest possible length of each piece of ribbons,
(ii) the total number of pieces of ribbons that Lixin has cut.

Question 4: (p6, Q25)
At 4 pm, Rui Feng, Khairul and Ethan are at the starting point of a 2.4-km circular path.
Rui Feng takes 126 seconds, Khairul takes 154 seconds and Ethan takes 198 seconds
 respectively to complete one round around the path. When will they next meet again?

Question 5: (p6, Q26)
A hamper gift company uses 1260 boxes of chocolates, 420 bottles of wine and 630 tins
of biscuits to make as many gift hampers as possible for this Christmas. Each hamper
has the same number of boxes of chocolates, the same number of bottles of wine and
the same number of tins of biscuits.
(i) Find the greatest number of hampers that can be packed.
(ii) How many boxes of chocolates, bottles of wine and tins of biscuits each hamper has?

Question 6: (p7, Q30)
Raj was trying to get to sleep one night but there was too much noise around him. The
noise came from his clock ticking every 20 seconds, a leaking tap in the kitchen dripping
every 15 seconds and his father snoring every 27 seconds. He first noticed that all the three
events happen together at 12 midnight.
(i) When will all the three events next happen together? Express your answer in minutes.
(ii) How many times would all three events happen together between midnight and 1 am?

2014 S1 Viva Voce Practice 1

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